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BIRTHDAY PARTIES: Host your child's birthday party at Valley! Call 736-4400 for availability.


FIELD TRIPS: Valley Gymnastics can host your school, scout troop, day care or recreation group field trip. Field trips are held all year long.Times are available upon request

WARRIOR CLASSES: Obstacles, Fitness & Fun for boys and girls.

Just you and me warrior (2-4); Little Warriors (5-8); Growing Warriors (9-12); Teen Warrior (13-18) 

SPECIAL NEEDS CLASS: for boys and girls with a disability. One parent is to attend with the child.

JUST U & ME: Class for 18 months--3 year olds where a parent works with their child to teach body awareness, basic locomotor and gymnastic skills.

PRESCHOOL CLASSES FOR 3 AND 4 YEAR OLDS: Class that focuses on teaching body awareness, basic locomotor and gymnastic skills.

KINDER: Class for boys and girls attending Kindergarten in the fall.

GIRLS CLASSES: Class designed to teach skills on vaulting, bars, balance beam, and tumbling:
Ages   6+         Ages   8+       Ages 10+

BOYS CLASSES: Classes designed to teach skills on vaulting, pommel horse, rope, even bars and tumbling: 5-7 year old and 7 plus.

ADVANCED GIRLS: Class for girls with more advanced skills.

ACRO: A tumbling only class designed to increase strength and flexibility.

BACK HANDSPRING CLASS: Class designed to teach the skills necessary to do a back handspring.

RISING STARS: This is a "by invitation only" class for ages 3 plus.

HOT SHOTS: This is a “by invitation only” class for 5-9 year old students who have achieved more advanced skills.

LEVEL 1-5 TEAMS: Level 1-5 team members learn the USA compulsory routines, by invitation only.

LEVEL 6-10 TEAMS: Level 6, 7-8-9-10 team members develop optional skills and routines, by invitation only.

OPEN WORKOUT: An hour of supervised, elective workout for registered Valley students.

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